The COVID-19 pandemic demands an unprecedented response from governments around the world. Policy responses to the coronavirus are vast, varied in scope, and changing every day. COVID-19 Policy Watch summarises these measures and presents them in an accessible and comparable form.

COVID-19 Policy Watch will not be updated after 15 May 2020. 

Where did you get the information?

All government policy information we’ve included is based on material published on official government sources or, where necessary, reputable news outlets. You can find citations to these sources by clicking on any policy you see on this tool (desktop version only). 

Is the information authoritative?

Our aim is to present summaries of most important responses by each government to the pandemic. COVID-19 Policy Watch is intended as a research resource and not an authoritative statement of the laws and policies of the countries we cover. We aren’t able to cover everything and some changes are too technical for us to responsibly report upon, such as details of financial market interventions. Please refer to a government’s official sources for definitive information.

Is the information up to date?

We aim to update COVID-19 Policy Watch daily. You can expect a delay of one to two days between new policy announcements and their publication here. If you spot an error, let us know and we’ll do our best to fix it.

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Why are the policies worded differently to the way governments themselves describe them?

We paraphrase policies to make them easier to understand and compare. If you want to see a policy in its original form, take a look at the citations provided for every policy on the desktop version of the site.

Where are the other countries?

Our team of volunteers isn’t big enough yet to cover the whole world. If you would like to help us add another country or state, we would love to hear from you. 

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Who made this?

COVID-19 Policy Watch is created by Policy, a public interest media organisation that creates digital tools to support democracy. This project is published in partnership with a network of national media organisations, including The Spinoff (New Zealand) and Knack (Belgium). If you are interested in becoming a publishing partner, please email covid19@policy.nz

Our contributors are listed on the contributors page.

How is COVID19 Policy Watch funded?

COVID-19 Policy Watch is primarily funded directly by Policy. Part of our development is funded by a grant from Emergent Ventures. We have also received donations from our readers. No external funders have any say on our editorial decisions.

How are donations to COVID19 Policy Watch spent?

COVID-19 Policy Watch is a non-profit project run by volunteers. Your support will allow us to add new countries and build new functionality. Full details are available on our donations page.