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COVID-19 Policy Watch is a non-profit project run by volunteers. Your support will allow us to add new countries and build new functionality. 

We welcome donations from individuals and organisations, and kindly request contributions from those who use this resource for professional purposes.

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Our product roadmap

We will develop new features and functionality as time and resources allow. These are the new functions we plan to build, in rough priority order:

  • Filter views to allow for custom comparisons of specific regions, groups of countries, or policy topics
  • Sub-national country views to allow for subnational (i.e. state, provincial and city) policy comparisons
  • Country timeline views to show how policies have escalated over time as infection rates have changed
  • Adding support for non-English languages to allow native speakers to browse government policies summarised in local languages
  • Creating a widget for publishers to easily embed a country or topic policy comparison into online news articles

If there is a feature that you or your organisation would find useful and are willing to pay for or sponsor, or if you are a Drupal developer and would like to help, please email

Our content plans and support for volunteers

Once we’ve built out more product features, we will use donations to speed up the expansion of our coverage and to support our volunteers. Our volunteers donate their time because they believe in the importance of providing accessible information on how governments around the world are responding to the COVID-19 crisis. Providing our team with modest financial support will help us meet four goals:

  • Expanding our coverage into more countries and sub-national areas, such as states, provinces, and major cities 
  • Adding summaries of outdated policies to complete the historical record of policy responses over time
  • Recognising the hard work that has already gone into producing content by paying small honorariums to our regional and country editors 
  • Publishing policy summaries in non-English local languages 

If you’d like to provide direct support for our volunteers, please email

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